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If you're a faculty member, or anyone concerned about quality education, this film is yours.  Please help get it finished.  No contribution is too small, and all donations are tax deductible. This film's in its final stages and we need your help. 

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When the vast majority of faculty are denied access the resources traditionally enjoyed by college faculty the students, the college, the faculty in-general, and academic/technological development are poorly served.


"We qualify for things like food stamps, for all of the Affordable Care Act insurances." -Denyee Steury, Adjunct College Professor

This film is produced by Reciprocal Media 

Freeway Fliers

Documents the growth of part-time (adjunct, contingent, associate, non-tenure track) faculty in America's colleges and universities, and the circumstances under which they work and contribute to the their students, our economy, and our society. ​

Part-time faculty currently make up the majority of the faculty, instruct the majority of the courses, and the majority of the students at America's higher education institutions. 

Part-time faculty are paid significantly less than full-time (tenured, or tenure-track) faculty, generally do not have access to health insurance, do not participate in college governance, do not have access to the academic protection of tenure, and can be denied employment for any, or no, reason. 

This film is the story of the unknown outsiders of higher education, and the prospects for change. 

Freeway fliers

Listen to the exclusive interview with "AKA National Adjunct" initiator of the National Adjunct Walkout Day. 

A Documentary About Higher Education's Best Kept Secret

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An over-reliance on contingent faculty has negative effects on the quality of life of the people doing the work of instructing America's students, the integrity of our colleges and universities, and the students that deserve a quality education.